What I Wish I Knew

What I Wish I Knew® has become a staple of Men Sharpening Men. We have a heart to impact people in the critical areas of their lives and our conferences help us do that in a tremendous way!

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Marriage, Friday night

Discipleship Conference in Midwest

Korie & Willie Robertson

These two headlined our conference in 2019. They did a fantastic job of keeping us rolling in laughter and ensuring that we walked away with practical truths!

Clay & Renee Crosse

These two brought us so much valuable content & led us excellently in worship. We are grateful for their involvement in the conference!


Al & Lisa Robertson

Al & Lisa were real, authentic, and vulnerable with us. Their story of redemption & grace is compelling and encouraged us all towards a deeper love for our spouses! 

Men, saturday morning

We had an incredible group of guys join us for both the VIP session and the general admission! It was a great time to connect and re-establish the community among our men in NWA.

On Saturday Willie and Al spoke at length about what genuine manhood looks like in our culture. We finished off the morning with a panel discussion!

The conference would not have happened had it not been for the volunteers who were excited to help and serve in any way they could!

The panel discussion was the highlight of the morning for many of the men who were involved. We will ensure this is a focus during the next What I Wish I Knew conference. You don't want to miss it!

Timeline of past events

FALL 2017

We started WIWIK a 6 week series. 6 Fridays in the fall of 2017! We covered:

     ⇒ A Man & His Strength - Mark Lee
     ⇒ A Man & His Transitions - Matthew Scott
     ⇒ A Man & His Money - Troy Kestner
     ⇒ A Man & His Work - Tom Addington
     ⇒ A Man & His Religion - Henry Ho
     ⇒ A Man & His Legacy - Lt. Jim Downing

FALL 2018

We decided to make a shift. Instead of meeting for 6 weeks we wanted to condense the experience into one day. We invited Keynote Speaker Al Robertson to share his story and supplemented the day with these talks:

     ⇒ A Man & His Strength - Mark Lee
     ⇒ A Man & His Money - Mike Boschetti
     ⇒ A Man & His Relationships - Jason Jenkins
     ⇒ A Man & His Legacy - Larry Watkins

FALL 2019

We loved the one day conference so much, we made it two days! We decided to add a marriage portion to this event. Our Friday night speakers were:

     ⇒ Korie & Willie Robertson
     ⇒ Al & Lisa Robertson
     ⇒ Clay & Renee Crosse

Saturday morning was all about the men.

     ⇒ Willie Robertson
     ⇒ Al Robertson
     ⇒ Clay Crosse
     ⇒ Jason Jenkins
     ⇒ Larry Watkins


We are taking a little extra time to put together our biggest conference yet! The focus in the Spring of 2021 will be discipleship. Be looking forward to details concerning this event!