The Beginning of Men Sharpening Men

Over a decade ago Men Sharpening Men (MSM) was created from a need of seeing men, both young and old, drifting in life.  Drifting from God, drifting as a husband, dad and buying into what the world was offering.  I’ve seen and experienced what happens to men who drift.  You may have an idea of what I’m saying.   I was one of those men.



Several years prior to starting MSM I was a youth pastor at two different churches.  Never in my wildest dreams did I consider working for a church or in a ministry of any kind.  The first church helped lay a foundation in my life for what I’m doing today, but the second one…let’s just say it was ugly – leadership deficiencies all over the place.  I got swept up, beat up and tossed.  Tossed – meaning, fired.  Fired at the age of 31 with a wife and three kids. I won’t get into the details but suffice it to say that going through all of that threw me into a season where nothing made sense.   I found myself drifting, with no purpose, scared and mad at people and God.  I was left exposed, in pain, alone and with no idea of what I was to do.   At that point, I was done with churches and Christians.

Would you happen to know the first words of Ephesians 2:4, no worries if not, I didn’t either.  After describing the state of man in the first three verse as dead, disobedient and doomed it gives some of the greatest words of all time…BUT GOD….  But God rescued me again.  Those verses in particular are letting us know that God literally saved us from eternal destruction but it also implies that God’s desire is to continually save, rescue and redeem us.  And over the next few years He showed me His love, His faithfulness, His protection and His plans for my life.  He showed me that by abiding in Him, seeking Him, having faith in Him that He would take care of my needs.  He showed me that He is a loving Father who deeply cares about what happens in my life.  He, essentially has my best interest at His heart.


God’s Plan Being Revealed for My Life

Ten months had passed from getting fired from the church and I was hired by the world’s largest and most prestige’s orthopedic trauma company at that time and moved to Columbia, Missouri.  Seriously I went from wearing shorts, t-shirts and doing really stupid stuff with kids to standing in the middle of an operating room selling and consulting some of the smartest men and women in the world on what implants to use to fix broken bones.  Go figure.  God took me to a place I’d never imagine I would be or even could do for that matter but He does those kinds of things in our lives.  He proved His love, He showed me His reasons and plans for my life.  He would eventually use all those ugly experiences I had to help others.  What God originates He orchestrates.


A Good Investment

He also showed me the real reason He moved us up to Columbia.  He had my path run into the path of another Larry, Larry Glabe.  Larry Glabe has a ministry to men.  He began to meet with me on a consistent basis.  He invested his life into my life.  I had an older man value me, see potential in me and he stayed with me.  Larry taught and modeled what it was to be a real man, walking with a real God in a real world.     When we met each week, I knew I was listened to, taken seriously, understood and accepted.  Larry taught me what it meant to walk with God for a life-time.  He showed me what I was to do as a Christ-follower, as man, husband and dad.  He reminded me that I was still breathing to accomplish the Commission Christ commanded.  Also, that I was an ambassador/representative of Christ.


Over A Decade Ago

We left Columbia and eventually moved to the area we’d always wanted to finish raising our kids, Fayetteville, AR.  I was now selling and consulting neurosurgeons but with a different mindset and mission.  My confidence was built, my courage was tested and fortified and now I felt competent as a Christ – follower, husband and dad.

That’s when it came together.  I was sitting in a coffee shop early one morning before work discipling four men.  We had been meeting now for several months.  One of the men asked me a question, “Larry, have you ever considered doing this on a full-time basis?”  That began a year long journey of prayer and seeking the advice of others.   And in 2007 Men Sharpening Men officially began.  I felt God re-directing me onto a path of life where He could strategically use me to impact as many men as possible for the cause of Christ by influencing them to know Christ deeply, reflect Christ authentically and reproduce Christ with intentionality.


Now after 10 years we have seen many men come to Christ or come back to Christ.   Men are being equipped and mobilized to engage their faith, be more effective husbands, strategic dads and ambassadors in their sphere of influence.

So, I have an ask…would you consider joining us as we seek to honor God, fight for what is noble, honorable and true as we seek to hold the standard high and out in front for others to see and follow.

Larry Watkins

Larry has been a husband to Gwen for 31 years, a father to three children, and a grandad to three grandkids. He desires to impact the world through training, equipping, and mobilizing men.

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