Man University

Developing men in the critical areas of life and helping them know, reflect, and reproduce Christ.

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Men Sharpening Men® Man University is a one year intensive focused on helping men become the ambassadors and disciple-makers that they were created to be.

Two students are paired with one of our D1 disciple-makers for a year of life and truth transference with the idea that these students would one day become D1 disciple-makers.

Our desire is to develop these men into Christians who are intentional with their relationship with Christ and not ashamed of the testimony of our Lord!

We will train them to be fearlessly loving God, loving their neighbors, and making disciples. The first semester will include Explore and Establish, while the second semester will be focused on Equip and Extend.


What does it mean to follow Christ? What are the basics of our faith? What is the Gospel? Why did sin have such a huge impact on the world? All these questions and more are answered during these sessions. It's important for men to explore their relationship with Christ and become certain about their identity in Christ.


As a person becomes certain about their faith, there are some deep rooted disciplines that will help them follow Christ for a lifetime. Walking by faith, praying continuously, being able to carefully study the word, and living a life devoted to worshiping our Lord are just a few of the disciplines we cover. 


In order for a man to become who they were created to be in Christ they must learn how to share the Gospel. Not all of us have the gift of evangelism, but all of us ought to be able to communicate the Gospel to our lost neighbor. We will always feel like there must be "more to the Christian life" until we're actually making disciples. A man must be equipped to do that. 


Once a man becomes equipped, we will give them opportunities to be extended into the world. Whether that's in our own backyard or trips overseas, there are lost people everywhere. All of them need to know Jesus and we actively encourage our men to reproduce everything they have been taught over the course of the Man University year. 


Biblical illiteracy is escalating quickly in North America and something needs to change. Now, more than ever, we pray to see a revitalization of biblical devotion and hunger for the Word of God within the Church.


Man University will be deliberate about teaching the essential doctrines of the faith and encourage the men in the program to begin conversations in their own homes and among their friends and coworkers about these truth's. 



We believe discipleship is the transference of life and truth in the context of a reproducing relationship. We believe this is the model that Jesus set forth as he invested in his disciples. He spent time with them, taught them truth, and left them to do the same thing with their disciples. 


Man University seeks to follow the same principals. More than a discipleship course, Man University participants will be paired up with older, more experienced disciples, who will teach them "all that [they] have been commanded."


"Man U was two hours for me to learn, share, and grow closer to the Lord. I always left refreshed and refocused on what is truly important - growing more Christ like. Great speakers and life changing content."

Tom McDonald


"Man U was a sausage party of the finest variety! I loved growing closer to the Lord alongside men who are wiser and more qualified than me in most areas of life! The inspiration and challenge to live out our purpose was core to every conversation and lesson. I truly believe the Lord was glorified by our time together. It's a true shame that the need exists to teach men how to be men of God but it's a glaringly obvious need and man U is a great way to sharpen each other for life and eternity!"

Zack Tadlock