A New Superhero: Great Commission Testimony from Larry Watkins

I’ve got a new superhero. It used to be Ironman but he is a distant 2nd now. Let me tell you about my new hero.

The other day I was having breakfast with a man I’m coaching and in the middle of our converstation, he stopped me a said, “hey listen, do you hear those two guys at the table behind us? Yes but I don’t want to eavesdrop bro. Let’s move on, we’ve got a lot to cover. No, listen to the guy in the green chair. He is sharing the gospel with the other guy”. So I decided to listen and sure enough, the brother was sharing the gospel. Now I love it when I hear someone share what Christ has done for them and they seek to share how someone else can know Christ too. That is what we are called and commanded to do but not many people step out and do it. (That’s for another conversation)

I looked at my buddy and said, “Man that’s awesome!” You could tell the other guy was deep in thought and emotionally engage, he was wiping tears away from his eyes. My buddy said, “You don’t have the full picture. I know the guy sharing the gospel but only ‘know of’ the guy he is sharing the gospel with. This is crazy but the guy hearing the gospel had an affair with the guy’s wife who is sharing the gospel with him. WHAT!!! I said too loud. You are telling me that the guy in the green chair is sharing the gospel with the very guy who had an affair with his wife? WOW!!! Are you kidding me?? “Nope”, my friend said, “it’s for real”. My friend said that the guy was devastated over it all but is such a committed Christ follower and he could see him having this kind of conversation”.

The guy sharing Christ made a huge impact on me that morning and is now a hero of mine. His love for God and others must be extremely deep. He has an eternal life perspective…I have more of a temporal life perspective. He has an understanding and commitment I’m not sure I have but desire too. I would want to kill the guy…he went to rescue him. I would want to destroy the guy…he wanted to make sure the guy was whole. I would want to disgrace the guy but he gave him what Jesus gave…Grace upon Grace.

A hero is one who gives their life for another person’s life. Jesus did that for us and He has asked us to lay down our lives down for others. Sacrificing our fears and excuses to do whatever it takes to give others the opportunity to know the love of Christ. The ‘guy in the green chair’ sacrificed his hurts and desires for the bigger picture and for the eternal life of another.

I don’t know if the guy ending up giving his life to Christ or not but what I do know is the impact that experience had on my life. It made me have a greater appreciation of what Christ did for me and how I must be committed to doing what He has commanded me to do. To seek out those who are lost, wandering and disenfranchised and at least let them know they are loved and can be at peace with God as well.

The real truth is that we who are in Christ have that same power as my hero in the green chair. We are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. We are His Ambassadors and we have been given something to do and that is to help others be at peace with God.

Question: What will you do this week that will help others know they can be at peace with God? How will you sow seeds of the gospel into a world that is desperately needing to hear and know about the love of Christ? As a business person to a stay at home parent you can do the same. It’s not a “gift” thing, it’s an out of a love for God and others thing.

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